Vampire Tech: in the future devices might feed on your blood

Energy Addicts

Cellphones can at times seem alive especially to younger generations. Love for the device might have you panicking when its battery runs low and the screen yells, “critically low!” The possibility of it dying might even have you running around campus trying to find an outlet. Good thing the artist Naomi Kizhner a graduate from Hadassah College in Israel createda series of body jewelry in her grad project that would solve the problem.

Called “Energy Addicts,” Kizhner designed the collection to harness electricity within your body and convert it into energy. Once injected, the jewelry connects through a cable to theoretically charge electronic devices. “The Blood Bridge is a two headed syringe that allows a bypass for the blood,” Kizhner explains in an email about one of her pieces. “It actually works within the principal of a hydro-turbine, but instead of water it’s your blood.”

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A Look at the Ayotzinapa Crisis


The brutality of police violence in the city of Iguala, in the Mexican state of Guerrero, that occurred in September 26th has gone largely under the radar in the United States. But an insistent group of protestors from all boroughs continue to make their voices heard in New York City to insure justice for the 43 disappeared students and the six people killed.

Mock grave

Mock grave for the missing 

According to Thruth-Out, the students or normalistas from a small rural teachers’ college in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, had planned a trip to Mexico City. Some barely out of childhood and all very young, the normalistas vanished after the police took them away in vans, and handed them to an organized crime group called Guerreros Unidos. As reported by the Daily Mail, municipal police acted under the orders of the mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife.

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